“Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”-Leonard Bernstein


Thank you for entrusting your child’s education to Ewa Makai Middle School and for selecting Band as their elective. It is our sincere hope to provide your child with the best possible experience in Band as possible. Establishing a common understanding of expectations, responsibilities and goals associated with our Band is the first step in creating a positive partnership for your child’s benefit and learning.

Band class is designed to give students the foundation needed to perform on a wind or percussion instrument. Tone production, posture, note reading and ensemble playing are developed throughout the year. Discipline, teamwork, and an appreciation for other cultures are also fundamental principles of Band. A balance of fun, excitement, meaningful learning and continuous improvement will ultimately provide students the opportunity to share the joy and beauty of music!



A multi-pronged approach of instruction is used to sustain a high rate of success and satisfaction for all students. In addition to hands-on learning on an instrument, written work, readings, lectures, group and individual tasks are assigned for different learning goals and styles..

Instrument, Equipment and Supplies

Much time is given to assigning an instrument, with significant attention on the unique handling and maintenance procedures of each instrument. Once assigned, students and parents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their instrument.

As a general understanding: If an instrument breaks under normal use, the school will pay for its’ repair. If an instrument breaks or is lost because of misuse or negligence, the parent is responsible for its’ repair or replacement. A student or parent should never try to repair an instrument. (More details on instrument contract).

Back-view of Ewa Makai students in band class with teacher at the front playing a trumpet.

There is an expectation that basic supplies (mouthpiece, reeds, drum sticks, method books, etc.) will be purchased to participate in Band, expenses associated with the class should not deter anyone from being in Band. The EMMS Band Boosters are willing to provide financial assistance or possibly provide supplies on loan. No one will be denied participation in Band class because of financial circumstances. Please be aware that most students will be using an instrument exclusively assigned to them, free of any “rental” or “maintenance” fee. Great care and effort goes in to providing clean instruments in proper working condition. Thank you for supporting your child’s music education at Ewa Makai Middle School!