Make a Difference

“Do it again and again. Consistency makes the rain drops to create holes in the rock. Whatever is difficult can be done easily with regular attendance, attention and action.”


Aloha Families,

We here at Ewa Makai take pride in our students, school and our community. In order to provide the best education for your child, we need your child to be in school.

Attendance Counts!

Being in school all day, every day, helps your child get the most out of middle school.

Encourage good attendance with these ideas:

Point out that there is no substitute for being in class. Your youngster needs to be present to hear teachers explain concepts, to participate in group projects and class discussions, and to ask questions.
Schedule appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) before or after school hours whenever possible. If you can’t, then try to arrange them for lunchtime.
It will be easier for your child to get up for school on-time with at least nine hours of sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime, and make sure electronic devices are put away so there are no temptations to stay awake to read messages or play games.

--Middle Years C12392

Attendance Reminders!

The school will only excuse absences when written documentation (a note) is submitted within two (2) days upon the student’s return to school, and absences must be for one of the following reasons:

Medical or dental related issues, injuries, or quarantines (i.e. chicken pox, measles, etc.). A verifiable note from a doctor or dentist is required for five (5) or more consecutive days of absences.
Death in the family
Special cases approved by the principal.

School authorized activities including, but not limited to:

  • On-campus activities, such as: appointments with a teacher, counselor or administrator; treatment in the health room, assigned detention or in-school suspension (ISS).

  • Off-campus activities approved by the Principal or designee prior to the event or absence

Unexcused absences may include the following situations, which might occur throughout a school day.

    • Babysitting siblings or other children.

    • Caring for the elderly or family member.

    • Entertaining visitors/guests.

    • Staying home to care for a family member, clean or perform other domestic duties.

    • Family vacations (on/off island), trips*.

    • Parent request without explanation.

    • Personal business (Youth camps*, competitive sporting events.

*Please Note: Parents must notify the school in writing, ideally before, or as soon as, plans for any extended absences for family vacations, youth camps, and/or competitive sporting events (e.g. Little League World Series, etc.) have been made. The school administration has the discretion to determine whether absences will be excused. The effects on students' learning will be considered.

Thank you,

EMMS Counseling Department



To improve the safety of our students, we have implemented an automated attendance phone service called School Messenger. This service will call you automatically if your child does not report to his/her Exploratory Wheel (homeroom) class which starts at 7:50 AM. 

Exploratory Wheel (homeroom) ends at 8:40 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays; 8:30 AM on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and at 8:20 AM on Fridays. Therefore, if your child is tardy and misses homeroom and you have not notified us of their absence before school starts, you will get an automated phone call.

If you know your child will be absent, please be sure to notify the attendance office by calling 687-9500, option 1, by 8:30 AM that morning.