Advanced media

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


Advanced Media is a focused learning opportunity for students interested in exploring video production to a deeper degree. The Advanced Media Class is home to students who have shown excellence and passion for video production. These select students help to shape the direction of the media program here at Ewa Makai and are responsible for the documentation of our school's culture and achievements. Due to the nature of the class, Advanced Media students are expected to be self-directed, collaborative, show leadership potential, and excel in quality production. Students are able to apply to the Advanced Media program in May and August. For more information please visit:

Ewa Makai Middle Schools Award Winning Advanced Media Program is led by Mr.Ethan Toyota, and has won the Hiki No Challenge Competitions, Olelo's Youth Exchange Statewide Video Competition, and the Student Television Network competitions all in the last year!

Ewa Makai student using a video camera to film for media class.

Students learn all aspects of digital media production, from storyboarding, to filming and editing their projects.