Group of Ewa Makai students in class sitting around a table working together on an assignment.

Hawaii Content Performance Standards


Standard-based learning is being implemented in all public schools in the State of Hawaii. Ewa Makai Middle School is no exception. Standards are statements about learning expectations for all students. There are two kinds of standards:

  1. Content Standards define what students should know, be able to do, and care about. They may be found in ten content area documents.

  2. Performance Standards include three elements:

    1. Clear descriptions, called performance indicators, describing quality-products or performances.

    2. Concrete examples, such as student work.

    3. Commentary on how well students must learn or demonstrate the content; that is, how good is good enough.

Every content standard and every performance standard should support the learner’s progress toward the general learner outcomes.  Copies of the department’s content and performance standards are available in the main office. To view the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards online, click here.