After School Programs

FREE tutoring

FREE enrichment activities

FREE snacks

FREE use of computer & internet (for homework)

beginning on November 19, 2018

All current students at Ewa Makai Middle School are invited to join the After School Program (which is also known as “UPLINK”). This free program offers tutoring and homework help from Ewa Makai teachers, a wide variety of enrichment activities, access to computers and the internet for use while completing homework, and a snack. Everything is provided for free! Here are some logistical details:

Held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays

  • Programming runs from 2:15 to 5:15, as follows:

    • 2:15 - 3:15  is the "tutoring period"

    • 3:15 - 3:25  is when students receive a free snack in the cafe

    • 3:30 - 4:20  is the "first enrichment activities period"

    • 4:25 - 5:15  is the "second enrichment activities period"

  • Start date = Tuesday, November 19

  • End date = Friday, May 24

  • No programming during the weeks prior to Winter Break and Spring Break

Enrichment Activities for the After School Program (UPLINK) in School Year 2018-2019

Anime/Manga/Otaku Club with Ms. Ohashi:  Come join us on Friday afternoons as we explore and enjoy classic and current anime (Japanese animated films), manga (Japanese comics), and otaku (the Japanese popular culture revolving around anime and manga). Additionally, we will learn some Japanese phrases.

AVID Ambassadors with Ms. Watanabe and Ms. Olegario:  The AVID Ambassadors is an after school program for students currently enrolled in the AVID elective classes. AVID Ambassadors help the community through service learning projects, and they help to grow the AVID program by being successful leaders and role models within the school. Only students who are currently in the AVID elective class will participate in this activity.

Band and Poly Music Sectionals with Mr. Iyoki and Mr. Miyashiro:  Sectional rehearsals will cover all aspects of performing instrumental music with a greater sectional-specific and instrument-specific approach. Students will be able to learn their specific musical part and role much faster and with more clarity, without the distraction of the 90 other members of the band (as experienced in the Concert Band class during the regular school day). NOTE: the UPLINK staff will be happy to explore ways to enable students who have weekly after-school rehearsals to engage in other UPLINK enrichment activities when they are not rehearsing.

Basketball for Girls with Ms. LeCompte (“Ms. Lei”):  Girls of all ability levels are welcome to join this fun, safe space for learning basketball skills and the rules of the game, as well as for building confidence, meeting new friends, and supporting one another.

Chess Team with Ms. Kelly:  Chess is a game of focus, creativity, and calculation, and has proven to have many benefits both in school and outside of the classroom. No experience necessary to join, and you'll have the opportunity to represent Ewa Makai at statewide chess competitions!

Chinese Culture with Ms. Wu:  Come join this special opportunity to learn many aspects of Chinese culture, including calligraphy, ink painting, songs, traditional fan dancing, paper-cutting artwork, poetry, and more.

Color Guard with Ms. Olegario and Mr. Su:  The color guard is the visual performance/enhancement section of a marching band. This is done through colorful flags, dance, and movement choreography. We visually depict what you would hear in the music. With the band you hear the music, but with the color guard you see the music come to life! Type of equipment: Flag only. Equipment will be provided. Dance background encouraged.

Computer Hardware and Applications:  A Hands-On Experience with the Ewa Makai Tech Team:  Through this fun new after-school enrichment activity, students will pick apart actual computers, learn how to build computers from scratch, explore the history and future of computing, review how to be safe and ethical users of technology, and work on projects that will use technology to solve current and future challenges for society.

Conditioning with Ms. Atonio and Ms. Takesono:  Want to build a healthy lifestyle, grow stronger, and have fun? Come join our 50-minute conditioning sessions, which will include a variety of cardio exercises, stretching, and other activities that contribute to good health.

Culinary Arts (Cooking) with Ms. Webster:  In this program we will learn the science, safety, and execution of best cooking practices. We explore foods from different cultures, so be prepared to have a culinary adventure. Please note that we do this activity one day per week, over both activity periods (in other words, from 3:30 to 5:15), so you may engage in other enrichment activities on other days. Current 7th graders will be given priority, since 8th graders already have access to a related elective class.

Dance (Urban/Hip Hop) with Ms. Chu and Mr. De Vera:  Ewa Makai Dance welcomes both experienced dancers and new dancers. All dance styles are welcome, though the focus is on urban/ hip-hop. Students who wish to join the competitive/exhibition team must audition for the team, and will meet for practice on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students who simply want to learn how to dance or dance casually may join us on Fridays for fun dance classes.

Drama Club with Ms. Ohashi:  Come and gain an appreciation for theater and increase your self-confidence in this fun, hands on, performing arts class. Students will learn the basics of theater and participate in creativity and imaginative play. We will have theater games and activities, including improvisation, role-playing situations, and play readings.

Empowered with Ms. Rigos and Ms. Dell:  Empowered is aimed at providing middle school girls with opportunities and tools that develop self-confidence, leadership, and activism. Each week we will address topics important to young women through creative activities and discussion groups. Topics may include self-awareness, friendships/relationships, and gender expectations/stereotypes. This is an opportunity to share real-life issues in a supportive environment, explore age-appropriate concerns that women face in the world, and create a project-based activity to promote positive change.

Ewa Makai GSA with Mr. Frazier:  Requested and developed by Ewa Makai students, the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) welcomes everyone who believes that students, friends, and family members who are LGBTQ deserve to be safe and treated with dignity. Participants will focus on projects that promote this year's Ewa Makai school theme of "Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi" ("love one another," in the sense of building friendships, being kind and thoughtful to those who are different from you, and living the spirit of aloha). Possible projects include making school posters that promote kindness and tolerance, co-planning school assemblies that address bullying, and learning what you can do if you see someone being treated unfairly or disrespectfully.

Football & Basketball with Mr. Mahoe:  Come play non-tackle football & basketball with your friends! We will sharpen our skills and enjoy being physically active. No experience is necessary. Please bring a great attitude!

Graphic Design / “Photoshopping” with Mr. Robison:  Students will explore graphic design and digital compositing (“Photoshopping”) to enhance video game design applications or to create their own illustrations.

Maker Space with Dr. Bagby:  Are you a maker, inventor, coder, creator, tinkerer, builder, or can make things out of anything? Jump into the world of discovery and follow your curiosity in our hands-on maker space club. Each week join design challenges and free design time with like-minded students. We will use software, electronics, Virtual Reality, bridge building, video game design, coding, robotics, drone, 3 Doodler, crafts, wearable art, plain old cardboard, and any other materials we can get our hands on. Time will be provided for working on your own projects. We will plan a school-wide Maker Fair to showcase your projects.

Math Team / Math Club with Ms. Nakagawa:  Interested members should have a passion for math and problem-solving that involves strong teamwork. Club members will be invited to participate in competitions with math teams from other schools.

Robotics with Mr. Saiki and Ms. Watanabe:  Students will build, test, and program a VEX robotics kit in teams, and/or design and build custom robots that can accomplish various competitive tasks.

Soccer with Ms. Moix, Ms. Nekomoto, and Mr. Shinn:  Come play soccer with your friends! We will be practicing skills, playing in friendly matches, and having fun. No experience is necessary, as there will be both a team for casual play and a team for more competitive play. All teams are co-ed.

Video Game Apps with Mr. Robison:  Using cutting edge software, students will modify and create their own video games and apps using computer programming and graphic design.
Volleyball with Ms. Atonio and Ms. Takesono:  Want to learn basic volleyball skills, hone your talents, and have fun? Come join our 50-minute volleyball sessions. Everybody is welcome!




  1. Choose your top four choices for enrichment activities (which are listed in this packet)

  2. Fill out the application form (which is included in this packet)

  3. Also fill out the UPLINK registration sheet (on the back of the application form)

  4. Deliver the completed application materials to the school’s front office

  5. Parents/guardians should ask their children to confirm that they delivered the application

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why is there no programming on Wednesdays and Thursdays?  Teachers have meetings

  • Where is the program held?  All programming is at Ewa Makai Middle School

  • Is the program only for Ewa Makai students?  Yes, only current Ewa Makai students may join

  • How many activities will my child do?  Either two 50-minute activities or one longer activity

  • Who runs the tutoring and activities?  Ewa Makai teachers

  • Will transportation be provided?  Not at this current time

  • Sounds great! How do we apply?  Fill out the application form (and the UPLINK registration form on the back of it), and return the paperwork to the front office

  • Should I turn in the application soon?  Yes, since activity sign-ups are first-come, first-served

  • How can I get extra copies of this packet?  The school’s front office can provide extra copies

  • Is this program the same as UPLINK?  Yes, as UPLINK is the government program that funds it

  • What does UPLINK stand for?  Uniting Peer Learning, Integrating New Knowledge

  • Whom should I contact, to ask questions?  Ewa Makai teacher Derrick Frazier

  • How do I contact Mr. Frazier?  Email is best:  derrick.frazier@ewamakai.org

  • How will I learn what my assigned activities are?  We will deliver a paper notification to your Wheel teacher on November 13 and/or shortly after you submit your application

Is there an application deadline?  No, though activity “slots” are first-come, first served