The Mark Takai Transition Center

Hawaii is the temporary or long-term home for 300,000-plus military personnel and their families. About 14,000 military dependents, representing about 8 percent of the total student enrollment, attend public schools. Families belong to Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy base installations located on Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island, as well as the Pacific Command headquartered on Oahu. Ewa Makai Middle School is proud to announce our new Transition Center, where students new to Hawaii are introduced to the school, new friends and the culture of the Aloha State.


Moving mountains

Oahu is known as “The Gathering Place”, and has long served as a centralized hub for meeting in the Hawaiian Island chain. In a similar vein, The Takai Transition Center (TTC) is  a gathering place for returning and new students alike to meet, get to know each other, and to have a safe space in school to unwind a bit. The schoolsʻ Maker Space provides the perfect space to embrace such a vision. Our vision for the TTC is to foster a safe environment for students to thrive in their own skin, bring a welcoming heart and build healthy relationships with faculty, staff and friends.

Students have the opportunity to bond and get to know one another by playing games and engaging in fun group activities. Author Zero Dean said in his book Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey that “Anger and hate dig holes. Love and kindness move mountains.” We want to Empower our students to discover that love and kindness truly overcomes hate and that they can excel together.


  • Welcome all students transitioning into our school, including military-connected students, and will support and sustain them throughout their time in our school community.

  • Recognize and honor our military personnel for the contributions and sacrifices they make for our defense and the preservation of our rights, and the sacrifices of our military families to support them.

  • Value the added richness and experience that students from varied cultural and social backgrounds bring to our school community.

  • Commit to providing high-quality supports through dedicated resources via the establishment and sustained operation of a transition center on our school campus.

  • Understand the challenges that are an inherent part of matriculating into a new and unfamiliar school environment.

Join the lunch bunch

There are a variety of resources provided here at Ewa Makai Middle School that will help new students with their transition. The TTC includes Lunch Bunch where students are welcomed to a community to bond through activities and authentic friendship.

-Dr. Shannon Kam and Mr. Travis Briones


Our student ambassador program ensures that every new student that joins the Ewa Makai Ohana will receive a personalized tour where they can learn the ins and outs of their new school while making new friends.