Welcome to SY 2019-20!

Here are some helpful resources for getting a good start on the year, and to have a heads up on what is coming up.

Schedule Pickup Day! - July 16, 8am-12:00 Come pick up your student’s schedule, info, and forms for the beginning of the year. More info HERE.

Need More Uniforms? - See how to order and what options are available HERE.

See Fees and Supply Information HERE.

School Calendar is available on website under ABOUT US > SY 2019-2020 SCHOOL CALENDAR

New Bell Schedule This Year! - The default schedule is the same for every day of the week this year. Each day, there will be three periods. However which periods and the order of periods rotates. See the bell schedule, and which periods you will have each day under STUDENTS > BELL SCHEDULE.

Lost? We have a new wing, and a revised campus map. Take a look below.