Congratulations to our SeaPerch Champions!

SeaPerch Winners!

This past Saturday, we had 5 teams compete in the annual SeaPerch Competition at the Coast Guard Base on Sand Island. SeaPerch is a robotics competition that students learn how to build and navigate an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). They were great!

The teams were:

Team 1: It's Totally Fair - Ronamae Tabilas, Joana Del Rosario, Aidan Anderson, Orlando Blanco, and Adriane Carlos

Team 2: Speedo - Spencer Messer, Julien Parado, Franki Cabanig, and Jayla Stephens

Team 3: Escape! - Nicole Tiqui, France Pineda, Sierra Mansfield, Fabiana Ramos, and Jaylord Pascua

Team 4: Tiger Sharks - Keanu Laforteza, Lowell Ibe, Riley Herradura, Dante Agcaoili

Team 5: Wiggly Noodle - Mia'Zadai Navarro, Arayana Robinos, Hannah Gann, Kainoa Gibson, and Shawn Kato
Team It's Totally Fair placed 3rd and Team Tiger Sharks placed 1st in the Middle School Advanced category. Team Tiger Sharks also qualified for Nationals. Nationals this year will be held at the University of Maryland on June 1-2. 

When you see the students on campus, please help us congratulate all of them on great collaboration, problem solving, and team work!
Also, our former robotics students, Ethan M, Isaiah W, and Rollan C. competed for JCHS and they won 1st place in the High School Advanced category. They too qualified to go to Nationals this year.

Another Ewa Complex school that made it to Nationals was our own feeder school, Ewa Elementary! They won 1st place in the Elementary Advanced category. Out of the 4 slots allotted to attend Nationals, 3 of them went to Campbell Complex schools!

2019 SeaPerch Teams.jpg

You can check out more about SeaPerch here!


Cathy Watanabe and Scott Saiki (EMMS SeaPerch/Robotics Coaches)

Ewa Makai