"Empowering, Exploring, and Excelling" painted in Ewa Makai Middle School's library.

Ewa makai middle school maker space

The World is But a Canvas for the Imagination.


Want to borrow a book? Have your School ID ready! Students can check out two books at a time, and borrowed books are due back in two weeks!


In August of 2017, EMMS began transforming the school library into a 21st Century Maker Space. Here, students are encouraged to embrace their creativity with a variety of games, activities, coding with Ozobots and Little Bit Kits.

The Maker Space is open to all students Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 2pm to 2:50pm.

The Maker Space also functions as a traditional library, with access to regular books, e-books and audio books.

Two Ewa Makai students using wooden blocks to build a ramp for a toy car.
Ewa Makai students playing with board games in the library during recess.

Design Thinking Team

We are proud of our Design Thinking Team, and encourage others to learn from their examples. There are some simple rules to follow:

Brainstorming Rules

  1. Think like a child

  2. Defer Judgement

  3. Encourage Wild Ideas

  4. Stay on Topic

  5. One Conversation at a Time

  6. Quantity over Quality

  7. Build on the Ideas of Others

  8. Be Visual

Toy aircraft made out of LEGOS on a desk.