Ewa Makai student in Home Economics class rolling out dough on table with hands to make pretzels.
Ewa Makai student holding a silicone basting brush making pretzels.

Food is the common denominator that brings people together

E ʻai kākou!

Home Economics isnʻt simply about learning to bake (although the students do get to learn how to make awesome treats!). At its core, it is the study of subject matter that is relevant to our students lives now, and will be continue to be relevant for the rest of their lives. Students learn personal development skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and the effects of consumerism on their day to day lives. The interdisciplinary approach looks not only at food and nutrition, but at personal financial responsibility.

Aloe Vera plants in Ewa Makai Student Garden.
Fish in Ewa Makai Aquaponics.

Farm to fork learning

Fresh, Local ingredients not only taste better, but are often better for the environment and can cost less to produce and ship. Our students learn the importance of knowing not only where their food comes from, but how to grow and maximize their own crops.